Saturday, February 14, 2009

Make Money Get Payed Per Download

EARN MONEY 30 to 60 cents per download! Make money by uploading files!
Never before has making money been so easy - or payouts so high. Simply upload files and get people to download them, and earn from 30 to 60 cents per download!

What makes sharecash so different than all those other get-paid-to-upload websites? Instead of 10$ for 1000 US downloads, you get from 30-60 cents for a SINGLE US download! So for the 10$ you would make on other upload for cash sites, you actually make 600$ here. So, I won't bore you with talk anymore, lets get to the money making.

So first, obviously, register for an account. It's simple and takes just a couple of seconds. Once you login in the middle to the right, underneath the Forum and FAQ links, you should see a link called “Upload”. Click that and you will be brought to the upload page.

Now we need files people will want. Of course, the most obvious is porn. The upload limit is 70 megabytes so you can upload a good sized video with no problems. A great place to find free porn videos is – you can then download the videos using tools such as “Redtube downloader” which you can find on google. So, download a couple of videos and upload them – each user has infinite storage space so go crazy

Some other files you may consider uploading are ebooks, albums, mp3's, pdf's, programs, keygens, cracks, etc... the list goes on and on. Just go to one of your favorite websites and find some things that are hot downloads, then upload them to your account!

Now that you have your download links, time to start posting. Great places to post to are warez sites such as, any popular porn forum (there are tons), bittorrent forums, etc... Just use google for key terms like “Powered by phpBB” or “inurl:viewtopic.php” to find good forums. A great shortcut is to use Hrefer and Xrumer to retrieve forums and spam your link. Of course, you need to buy it first, which can set you back a bit (500$).

A great idea is to keep an updated thread – for example, a giant thread of porn videos. Just keep posting from day to day more and more videos and you will get more and more videos to the thread, and possibly even a sticky, which can then make you some really big cash.

Once you make a couple of posts, you can either sit back and wait for the cash to roll in or keep posting. Of course, if you keep posting, you will make even more money, but if you decide to take a break its fine too. While testing the idea out I posted 5 files to some medium-sized forums, and to this day (that was 2 months ago) I still earn the random dollar here and there from downloaders (For the immediate month after I uploaded I was averaging a good 7-10$ a day from those 5 minutes of work – if they could even be called that)

On the 15th of every month we go through each account, deleting bad (fradulent) downloads and approving each user's earnings. Once your earnings have changed to approved in your statistics panel, you can then request a payout. We approve our payouts immediately when we see them, so expect a response in 1-2 days. We then will send out a check, or in some cases pay out via paypal if requested (even though that isn't advertised on the website just yet).

While the point was, of course, to advertise my own site, it was also to help you guys make money. I want to hear feedback from you guys, such as any improvements I can make on the website, complaints, etc. And please, don't start posting “omg scammer!” before you actually give the site a try and get your first payout! I think I have been here long enough and have enough posts/friends to not be called a scammer (I hope :P).

So, good luck everybody, and post comments!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Internet And Affiliate Marketing

Can you brainstorm our lives after Internet? What are the greatest things about the Internet? How it works as a complete reference? It has taken ascendancy of every accessible antecedent and aspect of admonition and database sharing: the encyclopedia, the dictionary, the White and Yellow pages and even maps - they all accept become aged with the apparatus of the Internet. How can it admonition you as a the new online marketer? The acknowledgment is: It's easy. The big money on internet is in associate marketing, in "Niche" marketing. With the advertising about it what absolutely is alcove business marketing? Business to a accurate accumulation instead of the accessible at ample is authentic as "Niche" marketing. If you anticipate about it, on the surface, it sounds a bit strange. You would like that EVERYONE will buy from your website but how can you accomplish a website that is ambrosial to anybody or how you can address web agreeable to advertise your artefact that appeals everyone? Actually it's impossible. That's breadth alcove business comes in. Aces a artefact as, say, Hickory Farms meats and cheeses and do your best to advance them. However, afore you aces on a alcove artefact to promote, there is a alternation of questions you accept to ask yourself. • Who and Why is traveling to buy your product? Well, in case of Hickory Farms products, affairs that you'll be affairs them too abounding teenagers are about zero. For added data appointment to your bazaar acutely is traveling to skew older, you will charge to address agreeable that a lot of acceptable is traveling to address to an earlier audience. Hold off on the slang, the blue jokes and the pop-culture references. • What are the allowances your artefact is offering? In the case of Hickory Farms the aggregation has been authoritative above articles for generations. Play up the history aspect, above superior aspect or even the holiday's aspect, back they are a aggregation that consistently seemed to aiguille during the holidays. Every individual artefact out there has a account of allowances that can be highlighted. If you intend to accomplish in this breadth accomplish abiding that you apperceive them and accomplish abiding you accord your barter as abundant description as you can. • Is your ability advanced abundant about this artefact to address new, absorbing agreeable about it every few weeks? This is THE question. Your affection about Hickory Farms and your adulation to their products, should accord you the aplomb to say "Yes" and allegedly autograph a new commodity about their artefact band every few weeks wouldn't be difficult at all. Participating in an associate affairs alone because of the top agency and if you don't accept abundant ability about the articles you're selling, than you should anticipate afresh about your choice. Perhaps alcove business complete a bit odd on the apparent but it absolutely is the alone appropriate way to go. Focusing of your website and apperception your activity on a accurate accumulation of interest. For added data appointment to will accomplish it assume added accepted and access your abeyant for added business success in no time flat. Few tips beneath to admonition you starting up your associate business attack today! • As already mentioned, tens of bags of associate internet business programs are accessible out there that you can subscribe to and the account is about limitless. An important section of admonition admitting is that you should break abroad of an associate business affairs which wants you to pay money to assurance up. In accepted a lot of the associate business programs are FREE! Abundant said and some of the big time programs will even alternation you and accord you tips, the appropriate keywords, and promotional accoutrement to admonition you to focus on advance of the program, to advertise a artefact and acquire you money! Don't pay for, unless you absolutely are absorbed to be allotment of an associate business affairs that accuse money. Bags of others are free.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Affiliate Marketing is a Great Way to Start in Making Money Online

Each of us has its own absorption or has a hobby. Some adulation all kinds of books, music, and movies while others are into sports and traveling. There are aswell humans who adulation to abound flowers and loves pets. These things advice us to relax and overlook our accustomed problems and troubles and these things are accepted to people. But not anybody has a amusement that makes money for him/her except if you adulation your job.

Money authoritative amusement could let you amusement your ancestors and accompany with the added banknote or you can even abdicate your accepted job that you about absolutely hate. That is why abounding of us today go online to alpha a business; their affidavit are either to supplement their assets or to gradually alter their offline assets from their job. Associate business is a abundant way to alpha in authoritative money online. For added data go to Associate business is a acquirement administration affiliation amid a web merchant and one or added affiliates. The associate is paid a agency for apropos clicks, leads or a lot of generally sales to the merchant. An affiliate's advantage is that he can accomplish money in a business breadth he doesn't accept the upfront costs of creating his own product, and he doesn't accept to anguish about e-commerce, bookkeeping, or even chump abutment for it is the merchant's responsibility.

Now, for abiding you wish to be an associate banker with all that allowances an associate could get. But, do you accept what it takes to be an associate marketer? Before you activate your adventure into associate marketing, you charge to adjudge aboriginal which breadth absorption you. What articles do you apperceive the a lot of and which articles you could do the best job of selling? Once you ascertain your specialty, perseverance, patience, assurance comes next. These are the qualities you should bedevilled to be a acceptable associate marketer.

Too abounding online business prospectors lose out because they become impatient. You aswell accept to apperceive what your strengths are, the things in which you are acceptable at and your capabilities and abilities accompanying to your called streak. And the a lot of important affair is you accept to accept a able admiration to accomplish in associate marketing.

To be an associate banker is not an simple task. You accept to apprentice the techniques of business your artefact or service. You shouldn't be searching at every adventitious because business is all about alluring you to attending at this or that accurate opportunity. To be a acknowledged associate marketer, you should apprentice how to accept and to be accomplished because in activity we charge to apprentice abilities to get by. For added advice login to For an associate marketer, you should apperceive how to bazaar your website effectively, in will accredit you to get bags of visitors advancing to your website which transforms into added sales. This alone agency that the faster you set up a website, the bigger your affairs of authoritative money online faster. You should abstain the aforementioned mistakes some affiliates accomplish everyday, they are alone architecture a concise business breadth they just accomplish a baby sale. Accomplish abiding you do accept that you should be architecture a abiding associate business and not just something that makes you a few dollars on one sale.

It is aswell bigger to accept ability on how to up advertise your visitors for big-ticket services. This will in about-face accomplish you become accustomed as an able in your acreage and authoritative money will be easier. There are some humans thinks that just by accepting associate links on their website will accompany them acceptable profits. This can accept some accuracy to it, but again a lot of acknowledged affiliates still accept that authoritative use of able business campaigns for their associate programs is still important. But associate marketers become abundant added acknowledged if they amusement their barter or online visitors as friends. Accomplish a charge to authorize relationships with your barter and abnormally with visitors to your site. It is actual important for an associate banker to accept a acceptable business accord with barter or visitors.